Book of Abstracts of the 1st International Geomatics Applications “GEOMAPPLICA” Conference

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The 1st International Geomatics Applications “GEOMAPPLICA” Conference includes the current and ongoing research activities and advances in Geomatics. Earth sciences focuses on real world problems, not only of individuals or working groups from the public or private sector, but also from organisations, research institutes and universities around the world. The use of Geospatial Data is the rising force to the various applications of Geomatics, covering sciences spanning from conventional Surveying to Global Mapping Systems, Aerial Photography to High Resolution Satellite Imagery Processing and Spatial Data Analysis to Geospatial Programming. The conference has been designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between diverse groups of the scientific community concerned by current research initiatives in Geomatics.

A total of 78 manuscripts are included in the book of abstracts. Participants from 14 different countries contributed their work to the conference. The current book of abstracts is published in a hard copy volume with an ISBN number, whereas the full papers have been edited and appear in form of e-proceedings in a CD-ROM with a separate ISBN number.


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