Book of Abstracts of the 11th International Phytotechnologies Conference


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The recent tradition of the IPS conferences to rotate on a biannual basis between North America and another continent continues. It started with Nanjing, China in 2008; St. Louis, MO in 2009; Parma, Italy in 2010; Portland, OR in 2011; Hasselt, Belgium in 2012; Syracuse, NY in 2013 and this year in Heraklion, Greece for the 11th IPS conference. This conference provides the opportunity to scientists, engineers, consultants, policy regulators and other interested individuals to explore and discuss how recent developments in phytotechnologies address current and emerging environmental challenges. We received a total of 420 abstracts from 49 countries. After several cancelations due to the very limited funds available for travel assistance, the final program is comprised of 129 full platform presentations, 63 short platform presentations and 147 posters – a total of 342. Phytotechnologies refer to plant‐based technologies to clean water, soil, air and provide ecosystem services including energy from biomass. The Conference will feature a wide range of topics. Selected papers will be published in the International Journal of Phytoremediation following peer review.


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